fiber cut in impacting services Friday 7th April 2023 20:30:00

A fiber fault has been identified on our path between gretna and new orleans co. this is impacting any transport between new orleans and gretna co, our legacy phone system and DNS. Partial DNS remains as we have re routed that traffic.

Fiber service has been restored

Entergy workers placed a new down guy, to hold a utility pole vertical, right into the underground fiber next to a splice box (hand hole). It appears they did not call 811 beforehand. Repairs are ongoing.

The fiber cut has been located, a break in an underground tube. Splicers are working on repairing it now.

No updates on the fiber cut yet, but the issues affecting speeds on the wireless backhaul have been fixed, a surge/fuse card was affected bringing a connection down from 1000 Mbps to 100 Mbps.