Some systems are experiencing issues

Stickied Incidents

29th November 2020

Tower ( Wireless Connections ) Service Degradation possible hardware failure

We have been notified of several complaints about poor service from clients that connect to this tower. We are watching our equipment closely and plan to replace it as soon as it arrives on 12-3-2020. We are trying several temp fixes till then. Please be patient as we are aware and doing everything we can to remedy the issue.

13th May 2020

Backup Power Standby Generator Offline

Currently undergoing upgrades on the generator, as a result it is offline till further notice. Battery backup system has 24 hours of runtime before manual intervention is required. This will not be service impacting.

Past Incidents

27th November 2020

Tower ( Wireless Connections ) Tower Backhaul issue

A backhaul is causing issues, some people may see sluggish connectivity till this is resolved. a tech is enroute to start repairs. Will update when we know more.

  • This has been resolved.